Fiction books

Some places have a special way of capturing your imagination on several different levels. Timor-Leste (East Timor) does that to me.
I hope my fictionalized crime novels bring a fascinating country, its history and its culture, to the attention of a wider public.

The Sand Digger’s Skull

Second book in the East Timor Crime Series comes out in April, 2023. You can pre-order on any online book retail site or direct from Coffeetown Press (US). An agnostic Catholic priest and an old woman believed to be a witch become key to FBI Agent Sara Carter and her Timorese police colleague, Vincintino Cordero, … Read more

The Crocodile’s Kill

Babies are being abducted from their homes in the mountains along East Timor’s southern border with Indonesia. Local villagers believe the babies are sacrificed in order to appease ancestral spirits disturbed by development projects encroaching on traditional land. FBI Agent Sara Carter, on secondment to INTERPOL, is assigned to investigate the case which is suspected … Read more